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I am not going to lie. Major writers block today. For whatever reason, I am having a hard time streaming my thought lines into words (the snowstorm outside? Mercury is in gatorade or whatever? Caffeine?). Cause aside, I still find a lesson in me sitting at this computer with a whole lot of nothing for the past 40 minutes.

There is no such thing as perfect, and in fact, perfect does not exist.

Take this blog for example. At this point, this is just a stream of consciousness with no real direction. It is farm from perfect Oh well, it happens, but here I am sticking to my word and writing an imperfect blog to send out to the masses

But let me land this thought jumbo jet before I get too carried away.

Just as perfection does not exist within my writing ability and this blog (in both clarity of thought and content), it does not exist in the realm of health and fitness (in both your workouts and lifestyle choices).

There will be days where your training session feels terrible, motivation and energy are low, you overeat etc.. And that is okay. Still show up and do the work or get up the next day and get back on the horse when things do not go as planned.

You will never have a perfect day when it comes to health and fitness, so do not let imperfections stress you out and get you down (just as I am not letting the fact that this blog is far from perfect get me down).

Embrace the imperfection. Live in it. Do not be ashamed of it.

Doing the work under imperfect conditions is where the results and gainz will be made.

Alright. That is all I have for this Wednesday. If you found value in my words, please share with a friend.

Chris Kaschalk

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