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Fitness is a Teacher

One of the greatest thing about time spent doing whatever form of training you prefer is that you get to learn every single time that you show up to put in the work.

Okay yes, on the surface level, training is nothing more than sets, reps, time, miles, etc. that you show up and do. But in reality, it is a bit deeper than that.

Within those sets, reps, time, miles, etc. lie little nuggets of knowledge you get to uncover every single time you show up.

You might uncover bits and pieces about yourself, ways to train better/more efficiently, or knowledge bombs (from a coach) that leave you more autonomous in regards to living the life you want to.

Point is, if you leave your mind open to it, there is so much you can learn every single time you show up to train. That is a beautiful thing

In the context of my life, training has taught me two things as of late.

  1. My body responds well to higher frequency of training rather than trying to lift heavy less throughout the week. (Neither here nor there, just something for me to nerd out on a bit).

  2. You can do a lot in an hour if you dedicate your focus to that task. As my life gets busier and busier, I find myself with less time to train. But with less time to train comes the valuable lesson of time management and focus. I have about an hour to train 3 times a week. So you bet I have figured out a way to maximize that time. And in doing that, I have discovered that for me to be productive and get stuff done outside the gym, I need to be locked in for an hour. Phone away, on silent, allowing me to lock in on my task.

The takeaway from this personal anecdote: things I have learned about myself in the gym have massive carryover to the other 23 hours of my day.

For some of my clients, they have uncovered a style of training they love (and can do for a lifetime). Or they have found motivation/discipline that they thought they never had. They ask questions about lifestyle habits and leave every day with a fact or way of doing things that they can carry with them the rest of their lives.

So I guess what I am really trying to get at here is this. Be connected to your training (in whatever style that might be). Enter each session open minded, and ready to learn. I bet you will uncover little knowledge nuggets (big or small) when you do. Strive to keep learning across the lifetime and you will be surprised about how those knowledge nuggets pile up into a wealth of knowledge accrued.

Thank you for reading. If you found value in my words, please share with a friend.

Chris Kaschalk

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