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Where to Start

There is something about the health and fitness industry that makes it inherently overwhelming.

It is an industry rife with information being thrown at you left and right (some, if not most, of it contradicting each other) that seeks to tell you the “best” way to do something. And better yet, the fast facts and recommendations being thrown out there are often changing.

We have all seen that before yeah? One day it is the Keto diet and HIIT classes that reign supreme. The next day it is low fat and Crossfit.

Hell, I have been in the “industry” in some form or fashion for 6 years now and I still find myself getting overwhelmed with the constant influx of fast facts and ever changing recommendations. So you are not alone.

BUT, in all reality, best does not actually exist in the industry. Rather, that information is probably just what worked for that person, which hey is great, but might not always be applicable to you.

So then the question is: where to actually start?

I think that answer lies inherently within the question: Actually start.

To break that down even further, just try something.

It can be anything. Try that class you have been eyeing. Give a specific “format” of eating a try. Go for a walk or two when you can.

And if you really do not know where to start or what to try, reach out to a coach. Let someone whose job it is to breakdown all the complex information out there guide you. Let them help you get started.

At the end of the day, starting something is better than nothing. It moves the needle towards better, and at the end of the day, better should be the goal, not perfection. If you do not like what you tried after giving it a shot, move on to the next style of training or way of dieting that interests you.

Once you find the one that feels good, makes you happy, and keeps it fun, run with it. Keep doing it over and over again. Do not listen to the information that is out there saying you need to switch up everything after a few short months.

That is the secret to starting and maintaining: sticking with what you enjoy and doing it for as long as you enjoy it.

So, just start and do not be afraid to ask for help. You can’t make strides towards reaching that goal you have if you never started moving in the first place.

Chris Kaschalk

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