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You might have noticed something this week if you have been following along with my journey at all. I have remained relatively quiet on both social media and this blog.

That was unintentionally intentional (paradoxical I know, but it will make sense in a second).

I had a busy week. Like BUSY. Between helping get Ann Arbor Athletic Club up and running and a full slate at the hospital, time was at a premium this week. That forced my hand a bit in terms of how I spent my time.

It was an unintentional time audit that really cleared things up for me.

It made me realize that energy and focus is finite and rather than focusing on 1000 little things, I would rather focus on 4 or 5 large things and attack those tasks at 110%.

So back to why my silence on social media in particular was rather silent this week. Well, I realized that that took away too much of my energy that could be used elsewhere.

Instead of trying to build a presence online (which I do value- hence blogs will continue), I realized that my focus was better spent trying to be the best in-person coach I can be for my clients. Instead of having my head down, buried in my phone, I made the choice to keep my head up, guiding people to their best self.

Instead of blogging a complete recap of my week, my energy and focus is better spent trying to deliver the take home message clearly, quickly, and concisely. (Do not worry, I will update my journey every now and again too). So here’s the first of that blog.

Alright so enough about me and on to the big picture and learning here.

Energy and focus are finite and how you choose to spend that energy says a lot about what you value.

So relating this to health and fitness, not dedicating adequate energy and focus to bettering your health daily simply means that you do not currently value your health.

And that is okay. I’m not here to shame you if your energy and focus lies elsewhere.

But that can change if you want it to.

Choosing where to spend energy and focus is not a static thing. It is rather dynamic and something you can start changing immediately.

So ask yourself:

How do you spend your time/energy/focus?

Where do you spend your time/energy/focus?

Do those answers line up with the things you value most?

If not, what are some ways you could shift where your time/energy/focus is spent?

Even slight shifts in your schedule towards things you value the most will help you begin to live a life you have always wanted to live.

So make tomorrow the day where you start valuing your health and dedicate some of your finite energy and focus towards becoming a better you.

Thanks for reading. Please share with a friend if you found value in any of my words above.

Chris Kaschalk

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