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Embrace The Mundane

There is something about watching (and listening to) masters in a certain field practice their craft.

It is different. It is special. There is poetry in watching them take a task, no matter how simple or complex, and apply years upon years of practice (and knowledge gain) into whatever they are doing.

What inspired this line of thinking was a documentary from 2011 call “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”.

General gist of documentary: an 85 year old man makes creating perfect sushi his life mission (though he is first to admit that he is still in pursuit of that perfection).

It is awe inspiring the way he talks about perfecting his craft and watching him work, nearly everyday, on said craft.

But there was one consistent line of thinking that was spread throughout the film: in order to become masterful at something, you have to put consistent effort (and energy) into the mundane day to day tasks of said craft.

In his case, the mundane tasks were cleaning the kitchen, cutting fish the exact same way, making perfect rice etc. (think of all the things in the kitchen that are boring- he is really good at it).

In the case of fitness, this same principle applies.

Find enjoyment and put energy in the mundane, and great things (dare I say: even mastery) could happen.

Now look, I am not saying that we are all trying to become masters of working out. But what I am saying is, that, in order to start seeing the consistent, long term results you want to see, you have to become consistent and adept with the mundane.

Follow the boring yet proven program that utilizes 90% of the same lifts for 8-12 weeks. Push yourself. Make sure you are eating your veggies and protein. Drink water. Sleep.

This is where the magic really is. It lies within these mundane things (that yes, might be mind numbing at times).

In the case of Jiro, following the same mundane practices and routines day in and day out lead him to owning a 3 Michelin Star restaurant that is one of the most sought after reservations in the world.

For you? Following the mundane might lead to the weight loss you have been trying to achieve for ages, the PR in the gym, the extra energy throughout your day that you can spend perfecting the craft you deeply care about. The point is, focusing energy, and seeking to “perfect”, mundane tasks will help “unlock” your best version of you.

So to wrap this thing up, it is time we all start bracing the mundane, seeking to perfect it. That is really the secret sauce to success with long term health and wellness goals.

Chris Kaschalk

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