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Look. I am fully aware that relating a sushi master to fitness in a second blog in a row is a bit absurd. Sue me. It is happening anyway.

If you’re following along at home, we have already covered how true mastery and success stems from embracing (and executing) mundane tasks over and over again.

But that is only part of the picture.

Alright so back to Jiro, our sushi master superhero. Yes, he executed the mundane over and over again to get to where he is now (96 years old and still slinging world class sushi daily). But you know what else he did? He put in the required effort to get to the level he is now.

In the world of top class sushi, that effort looks like 10 years of an apprenticeship followed by a lifetime of showing up everyday to grow, learn, and perfect the craft of being a chef.

He put in the required work day in and day out to make the progress required to obtain the level of mastery he is at now.

The same principle of “required effort” applies domain of health and fitness.

In order to get to where you want to go, there is a certain amount of effort that is required.

Now, this effort can look different for everyone.

For some, that is mustering up the effort to just show up at the gym a couple times a week. For others, that could look like pushing yourself a bit while working out by adding extra weight to the bar (that might just scare you a bit). It could also look like putting in effort to prep food for the week. This list could go on and on.

Point is: effort is the secret sauce to success. Yet many are unwilling to do it.


Putting in required effort is hard. It is much easier to maintain the status quo than put in effort to drive change. But in order to progress, effort needs to be made.

So ask yourself the next time you are questioning why progress is not being made:

Am I putting in the required effort to make the change that I want to see?

The answer might surprise you.

And hey, if there are other areas of life you are unhappy with or want to change, go ahead and ask that question. The principle of effort is universal.

Chris Kaschalk

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