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Consistency Redefined

So here is an alarming truth.

You are going to miss workout days. You are going to have days where nutrition is not exactly on point. You will have days where you only sleep 3 hours or have maybe one glass of water.

I can go on and list every single thing that can and will happen in life, but I will just get to the point.

There will be days where you are far from perfect because life will always happen.

But here is the thing. It is not so much those things went and happened. It is more how you respond to those events that really makes the difference long term.

There is a word for that response: Consistency.

It is probably not the word you would think of in this scenario. Consistency is often paired with some lengthy definition of doing the same number of behaviors over and over again in a regimented way.

But that is really not what consistency is.

It is not a rigid thing that you are supposed to box yourself into (aka perfection)

Rather, it is a malleable frame of mind that keeps the needle moving forward even when those “life happens” days actually happen.

Consistency is the ability to have a rough stretch, a day/week/month of less than ideal, and pick back up where you left off.

Read that again and take a sigh of relief.

You do not have to be perfect with your behaviors.

Instead of falling off the wagon and staying off, you get to have a bad day, and get back to what was working when you can.

It can look like taking a stretch of days off from the gym because of your schedule demands and getting back into the gym the next available day you have.

Hell, it can even look like intentionally dedicating a stretch of time to not worrying about hitting the gym or eating well and then jumping right back where you were when you are ready.

Point is, consistency will look different for everyone, but it is something that everyone can achieve when you frame it the correct way.

So keep going. Do not let a stretch of roadblocks derail you from all the progress that you have accumulated. Just show back up when you can, ready to work and ready to get back on track.

So fall off the wagon, but just get right back on.

Stay consistent.

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