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Updated: Mar 17, 2022

It is not always easy to be clear.

This is especially true in various forms of communication. There are often moments during each day where every one of us wishes we could go back in time and convey a thought, idea, or emotion more clearly both externally with others, and internally with ourselves.

With that said, clear communication internally and externally is a key to success. I think we can all agree that better outcomes are achieved when we can convey ourselves clearly.

So why am I talking about clear communication in a fitness blog?

Well, there is power in being able to clearly articulate, to both ourselves and to others, the real “why” behind goals around health and wellness.

Having that clarity in “why” sets you up for success. It gives you a clear mission to focus on.

Have a strong, clear why leads to a solid plan created by your coach leading to better outcomes. All you have to do is show up and put in the work.

That is something I was missing for the past 8 months. I did not know why I was training. I had no clear intention, leading to a blurry path of guessing and uninspired training.

After sitting with myself for a bit, I was able to nail down my why. Simply put, I train and put effort into my health and fitness so I can live a life unburdened.

I train so I can go explore the world. Hike when I want to and where I want to. Be able to spend 12 hours on my feet at work without pain or soreness. I train to have mental acuity so I can focus on relationships and building a career that fulfills me. I train so that when I am 70, I can still bench 135 lbs, squat 225, and deadlift 315 (yes that is a legit goal- I am going to start doing this around every birthday from here on out).

Having this clarity now connects me to my training. I see the purpose in it. I am excited to prioritize my health and fitness so I can do all the things listed above for a long time.

So why are you training? Why do you want to prioritize your health?

Dig deep, answer those questions, and a lifetime of optimal physical and mental performance will follow.

Thanks for reading and giving me part of your day. Share with a friend if you found value in this blog.

Chris Kaschalk

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