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Be Dynamic

There is something that hit me, or rather, a line that struck me in my blog from this past weekend that I think deserves a bit of expanding upon.

That line:

“Choosing where to spend energy and focus is not a static thing. It is rather dynamic and something you can start changing immediately.”

In the context of focus and energy, this is a very true statement. But watch what happens when I change “energy and focus” with “you” (as in you, the human reading this blog).

“You are not a static thing. You are rather dynamic and can start changing immediately.”

Powerful yeah?

That is one of the greatest parts of being human. We are always in flux. There is nothing across our day-to-day lives that are remotely static. Even our most ingrained habits vary day to day a little bit. So embrace that. Cherish that. Realize that the ability to change is inherently human.

So applying this statement to health and fitness:

Your journey towards better is not static. It is ever dynamic. Always changing and in flux.

In other words, you are not stuck if you do not want to be.

All it takes is one small change at a time. Make that conscious choice to make that small change and boom. You are dynamically changing yourself whether you can notice the difference or not.

In practice that looks like:

Committing to drinking an extra glass of water each day. Taking the stairs. Committing to an extra half hour of sleep. Cutting out a little bit of alcohol. Showing up to the gym once a week.

Keep compounding these little behaviors and over time, you will hit that goal.

And if you ever get discouraged, feeling like you are not making any progress towards your goals while making these little changes? Remember that you are not static. Change takes time, but you are changing (keep on going). Every time you decide to make a small tweak in your behavior towards better health, you are deciding that you are a dynamic force, not a static object. You will achieve your goals.

Take home message here: Start right now. Choose to be a dynamic force. Stay the course.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give this a quick read. If you found value in my words, please share with a friend.

Chris Kaschalk

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