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No Quo Fitness is for those who are sick and tired of being stuck in the status quo.

Stuck in the same patterns of eating.

Stuck in the same generic training program that no longer gets results. 

Stuck not knowing how to start.

Stuck in a spot where they know something needs to change but don’t know how to do it.


We, at No Quo, are here to change that.

We help you break away from your status quo by taking an approach that breaks away from the norm in the fitness industry.  


Our approach values:

Individualization and Customization.  Your training and nutrition program are catered to you and your lifestyle, taking into account everything that makes you, you.


The Process.  We seek to focus on celebrating the small daily wins that move the needle towards the broad goals that you have.

Results.  Your hard work should pay off both in the short term and long term.  We work to create a plan that fits within your lifestyle to help you start crushing your fitness goals.

Education and Empowerment.  We want you to be able to do this for life, without our help in the long term.  We give you the knowledge and tools for a lifetime of success.


Lifestyle First Principles At the most, you only spend an hour a day in the gym each day. We seek to build habits around the other 23 hours that get the most of that hour each day.

We implement these principles with in-person and online coaching. The personal training in Ann Arbor that seeks to ensure proper exercise technique along while pushing you to be your best. The online coaching seeks to help you break through plateaus for those with experience, and/or build upon success that occurred with in person coaching.

So whether you are new to lifting weights or have years of experience under your belt, we invite you to break away from your status quo with No Quo Fitness.


Meet Your Coach

Chris Kaschalk is a registered nurse who has been coaching for over 4 years.  He holds certifications with Precision Nutrition and Pre-Script (level 1/2) along with his BSN degree. During his time in nursing school, Chris developed a passion for all things training and nutrition, coming to the realization that his true passion was in preventative healthcare.  He strives to meet you where you are at currently and takes an individualized approach to training and nutrition to help you drive performance in both training and throughout day to day life.  No matter your goals, Chris strives to empower you to break away from your status quo.

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